14.03.2006 - 10:46 GMT The S79RRC IOTApedition Story is available!

01.12.2005 - 12:37 GMT QSL S79RRC and S79EC/NAN are printed and we started to send them out! You can check the status of your Direct request on - QSL-INFO page!

31.10.2005 - 20:03 GMT You can check the status of your QSL card, sent DIRECT ONLY on the QSL-INFO of this web-site!

26.10.2005 - 20:08 GMT

On the basis of our understanding that all operations were land-based
and that no IOTA contacts were made from on board the catamaran, we
will accept the validation submitted for the four IOTAs. A note to
this effect, covering all the callsigns concerned, will be posted on
the website. Congratulations on this major expedition which I know
will have supplied a lot of the guys with new ones for their IOTA
score. I am sure they will appreciate that it was a very expensive

Best wishes


Roger Balister, G3KMA

13.10.2005 - 10:50 GMT All the members of S79RRC came home successfully! Briefly - we traveled ~ 15000 km in the airplanes and ~ 1300 miles under sail. During the last part (from Farquhar to Alphonse) - we used just one of rudder blade. The other one was lost during 5 days heavy travel from Aldabra to Farquhar. Very short channel to Alphonse lagoon we passed during the coming dark, our wish to operate from AF-33 was such strong! :-) Thanks to everyone for Your warm words during the trip!

11.10.2005 - 14:39 GMT The S79RRC team are in Mahe and waiting for their fly to Moscow. During their yesterdays short activity from AF-033 more than 700 QSOs were logged. The expedition is over! QSL via RZ3EC.


10.10.2005 - 15:14 GMT The S79RRC/mm is 11 miles away from AF-033 shore. They will try to QRV for a couple of hours. Look for them on 14260.0

09.10.2005 - 05:40 GMT The operation from AF-35 Farquhar Isl is over! All logs for AF-26/25/35 are on-line! We start to travel back home (Alphonse Isl). Thanks to everybody for good words during the expedition!

08.10.2005 - 17:25 GMT There are ~ 3300 QSOs in the log from AF-35 already. Tomorrow at 4 UTC we finish the operation and will go to Alphonse back. We have the wish to make a short operation from there as well, but very limited with time. Thanks so much for good words in the Guestbook! This expedition just for you! have fun!

07.10.2005 - 21:17 GMT The GuestBook is open:
73! de RA1AR

07.10.2005 - 12:09 GMT We are 6 miles away from Farquhar mooring point. Plan to operate until the evening of 08/10/05.

07.10.2005 - 06:15 GMT We passed 2 islands of AF-35 group - Providence & Cerf Isl. - no possibility for landing. The only possibility is exist - Farquhar Isls - we are going there. Hope to activate it! de S79RRC/mm

06.10.2005 - 06:51 GMT Last message I got from S79RRC/mm this morning at 04:15z. They are not far (~170 km away) from Providence Isl - one of the AF-035 group. The strong storm has slowed their movement down. They can see Providence on their radar, but their speed-trap shows that it will take them at least 15 hours to reach the shore. Most probably that S79RRC/F will not on the air before tomorrow morning. As a result, Andy RZ3EM said that they are very limited with time of activity from AF-035! The S79RRC team strongly ask you NO DUPES by bands/ modes! Follow the rules : one CALL - one QSO! Give your radio amateur friends to work AF-035 too!


05.10.2005 - 14:22 GMT I have got message from Andy (RZ3EM): Their current possition is 08 04 03 S 49 13 07 E, so it is not so far from Farquhar, but their rate of movement is very slow due to a very strong storm on the sea. They could see the Farquhars on their naval radar. Most likely that the rest of their trip to AF-035 will take them at least 12 hours or more.

05.10.2005 - 07:49 GMT To answer for FAQ that I have recieved by e-mail: I do not have any reports from S79RRC/mm since Oct, 04. The last message I got that they lost one's way (about hundred km away from their correct route). It means that their way to AF-035 will takes them one day longer than scheduled and most likely that S79RRC/f from AF-035 will on the air no early that Oct, 06.
If I receive any new info it will be on that page immediately.

03.10.2005 - 14:41 GMT The log search from AF-025 (more than 3900 QSOs) is available.

03.10.2005 - 14:35 GMT Strong Bei de Wind and strong water flow moved our catamaran to Madagascar direction. We try to catch our wind. de S79RRC/mm

02.10.2005 - 19:37 GMT The S79RRC team left AF-025 yesterday evening. More than 3000 QSOs were logged. They hope to be QRV from AF-035 the day after tomorrow.

01.10.2005 - 08:00 GMT We started to operate from Aldabra on 30.09 late evening. Now, there are some problems with very huge QRMs on 21 MHz (over 59+60)!!! We'll try to install the second working place today for WARC - 18 & 10 Mhz (100 watts + Vertical). Will be glad to give you AF-025!

30.09.2005 - 08:33 GMT We can see Aldabra Af-25 already! Yesterday, unplanned operation from AF-26 gave to IOTA hunters ~ 500 QSO, though the bands noise was over 59+20. Thanks to everybody for understanding!

30.09.2005 - 05:11 GMT The S79RRC left AF-026 (where they were unexpectedly QRV at the unappointed hours yestedays evening)and to be going to AF-025 right now. We expect that S79RRC/a will QRV from AF-025 this evening. More info will be a little bit later.
73 - de UR3IFD