21.12.2006 - 06:06 GMT All the members of TF4RRC came home successfully! We would like to thank all of you for your support, QSOs and warm words during the trip! See you from the other RRCpeditions! 73, de Russian Robinzon Club Team

19.12.2006 - 18:43 GMT The propagatuion and weather very bad today. The bands were open (14 and 18) just a short period. We try now digital modes on 7 MHz using Home calls / TF from TF3IRA shack. At 20 UTC the meeting with local HAMs is arranged. The videos of Russian Robinzon Club will be presented. The activity from Iceland will be finished today. Will be glad to meet you from other RRCpeditions. Regards, de RA3NAN/TF, RZ3EC/TF, RZ3EM/TF

18.12.2006 - 22:38 GMT On 19-th we will be active home calls /TF from Rejkyavik EU-021 starting from 12.00 UTC untill the propo permits. Mostly will be used 14 MHz (around 14.260). Hope to hear you in the pile-ups! 73, CU de RRC team

18.12.2006 - 11:36 GMT We faced a big difficulties with connection ot transportation methods to EU-071. We are trying, but looks like, we will be active from mainland EU-021.

18.12.2006 - 11:17 GMT TF4RRC LOG is uploaded! Moreover, some photos added from Flatey island EU-168.

17.12.2006 - 23:10 GMT We just came to Viking Hotel from Flatey Isl. EU-168. There are more than 2500 QSOs in the log with 70 DXCCs. The prapagation changed rapidly and unpredictable. Hope, we did our best. Thanks a lot to everyone who called us! Log search and photos will be uploaded soon. Keep watching!

15.12.2006 - 02:46 GMT The GuestBook is open! Wellcome!
de RA1AR

14.12.2006 - 18:20 GMT Plans are changed. Tomorrow at 7.30 UT we start our trip to EU-168 Flatey Is and hope to start the activity on 10 - 7 MHz tomorrow at 17 UTC. We hope to operate as TF4RRC from EU-168 until 17-th December, approx 16 UTC, if the solar activity permits. After that from the evening of 18-th to midday of 19-th we will try to activate the EU-071 as TF7RRC. 73, de RRC team.

13.12.2006 - 11:35 GMT The team has successfully passed all possible checkings procedures at the airport of the Sheremetyevo and the cargo in weight also managed to be taken of 150 kg without additional charge. The fly to Copenhagen is planned at 12:45 UT.

07.12.2006- 05:11 GMT Russian Robinson Club, despite on heavy sun activity these days, is proud to anounce the another RRC IOTApedition to Iceland (TF7RRC EU-071 Westman Group and TF4RRC EU-168 Flatey Island). The activity is going to take place in period 14 - 19 December. More information and news will be published on this page.